Using VSAM Transparency

What is CA IDMS VSAM Transparency?
What is CA IDMS VSAM Transparency?
CA IDMS VSAM Transparency is a program interface that allows VSAM-based applications to access and update an CA IDMS/DB database. Through CA IDMS VSAM Transparency, users can execute the following against CA IDMS/DB data:
  • Batch VSAM programs
  • CICS VSAM programs
  • VSAM-based packaged software programs
Because CA IDMS VSAM Transparency supports all commonly used VSAM features, modification or recompilation of the VSAM application is generally not required.
CA IDMS VSAM Transparency provides an easy and efficient way to migrate from a non-CA IDMS/DB file structure to CA IDMS/DB. CA IDMS VSAM Transparency allows you to:
  • Run old VSAM applications and new CA IDMS/DB programs against the same database. This allows the conversion to CA IDMS/DB technology to occur gradually and without loss of investment in existing application systems.
  • Run the same VSAM application against both the CA IDMS/DB database and VSAM files. This prevents the disruption of normal data processing procedures during the migration process.
This section provides introductory information on the following:
  • How CA IDMS VSAM Transparency converts and integrates data to an CA IDMS/DB format
  • How CA IDMS VSAM Transparency processes requests using control information
  • The general architecture of CA IDMS VSAM Transparency
  • CA IDMS VSAM Transparency operating requirements