New Features

Lists the new product features and enhancements to existing features in Version 20.0 of CA Quick Copy.
The following new product features and enhancements to existing features are now available in Version 20.0 of
CA Quick Copy for DB2 for z/OS
For a list of enhancements for all the
CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS
, see New Product Features and Enhancements on the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS product documentation page. To request product enhancements, contact a product manager or post your request in the "Ideation" section of the Db2 Tools Community.
Be sure to download all available maintenance to ensure availability of all features and fixes. Incremental updates cannot be installed selectively. Later increments have dependencies on earlier increments. For a list of available PTFs, select the link for PTFs since GA on the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS Maintenance Grid (login required).  We recommend that you use the CA SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval service to download maintenance and to keep current with all updates.
DBM 20 IR 8 is the last incremental update for Version 20.0. New features and fixes are no longer bundled in incremental PTFs. Instead, we have transitioned to a continuous delivery release model that provides individual PTFs for new product features and product fixes. For more information, see Transition to Continuous Delivery.
Detect IBM Utility Usage During a Copy
CA Quick Copy for DB2 for z/OS
can now detect whether an IBM utility is processing an object before it creates an image copy of that object. This functionality is supported by all SHRLEVEL settings. The new functionality is available through the new PQC-IBM-UTILITY-DETECTION parameter in
.CDBAPARM(UTIL). When you execute a copy job, CA Quick Copy can check to see whether IBM LOAD or IBM REORG is processing the selected objects. If any of those objects are being processed, the job terminates and a list of the objects in use is written to the job log. Using the PQC-IBM-UTILITY-DETECTION parameter helps you avoid potential conflicts, such as incorrect RBA values. (PTFs SO15709, SO15710, SO15711)
QUIESCE fallback for SHRLEVEL CHANGE copies
For SHRLEVEL CHANGE copies, you can now specify whether QUIESCE is invoked for tablespaces or tablespace partitions when the START_RBA cannot be determined. The objects stay available and the image copy is not created. To use this feature, specify PQC-QUIESCE-FALLBACK (NO) in the UTIL parmlib. If you do not set this parameter, the default is YES.
Db2 12 Continuous Delivery Support
IBM Db2 12 for z/OS function levels V12R1M100, V12R1M500, and V12R1M
are now supported.
Version 20.0 of CA Quick Copy supports the IBM Db2 12 Continuous Delivery Model, which introduces new features in the maintenance stream for faster adoption.
Customers who are moving to Db2 12 should upgrade to Version 20.0 of CA Quick Copy to take advantage of new Db2 12 features. In Version 19.0 of CA Quick Copy, only Db2 12 function levels V12R1M100 and V12R1M500 are supported.
To specify the new function levels for Db2 12, see Upgrade to New Db2 Releases, Modes, and Function Levels.
Support for PBR2 Objects with the EXCP NO Copy Engine
The EXCP NO copy engine has been enhanced to support PBR2 objects. For more information, see Copy Engines.
Option to Terminate Copy Jobs when a SHRLEVEL CHANGE Copy is Empty
The new parmlib option
has been introduced to specify whether to continue processing SHRLEVEL CHANGE incremental image copies or to terminate with RC=8 under the following conditions:
  • The START_RBA of the image copy is unknown.
  • The START_RBA of the image copy is the same value as a previously created image copy and cannot be registered to SYSIBM.SYSCOPY.
Automatic Detection of Maximum Block Size for Large Block Interfaces (LBI)
The LARGE-TAPE-BLOCK keyword and UTIL parmlib option have been enhanced with the new option AUTO. The AUTO option detects and uses the maximum block size available to a device. The YES option now functions the same as the AUTO option. For more information, see the LARGE-TAPE-BLOCK keyword.
Pervasive Encryption Support
CA Quick Copy for DB2 for z/OS
now supports IBM system z Pervasive Encryption.
8-character User ID Support
8-byte TSO/E user IDs for z/OS 2.3 are now fully supported across all CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS, including post-install processing.
Segmented Tablespace Support for the Consistent Point-in-Time Service
The Consistent Point-in-Time Service (CPITS) now supports segmented tablespaces. To process segmented tablespaces, DSNUM ALL is required with the CONSISTENT keyword.
Object List Manager Support for Selecting Objects Identified by Packages
The Object List Manager (OLM) utility now supports the base selection of objects by packages with