Release Notes

Summary of enhancements, fixes, and open issues.
Welcome to the Release Notes for Version 20.0 of
CA RC/Extract™ for DB2 for z/OS
(CA RC/Extract). CA RC/Extract is a powerful, comprehensive DB2 tool that database administrators, application developers, and system programmers can use to extract referentially intact data from one set of DB2 objects and load the data into another set of objects.
For more information about CA RC/Extract, see the product data sheet.
See the following documentation for detailed information about this release including:
  • New Features (what's new)
  • Release Compatibility and Support
  • CA SMP/E Internet Retrieval Service
For detailed installation information including software requirements and DB2 version support, see Installing in the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS product documentation. To quickly get started using the product, see Getting Started.