Includes information and procedures for end users.
When migrating or altering DB2 objects, or when comparing subsystems or DDL files,
, and
, as follows:
  1. Create a strategy.
    Use the Strategy Services Facility to create or update a strategy. Each migration, alteration, or comparison is defined by a strategy.
  2. Analyze the strategy.
    The Analysis Facility enables users to specify options that control the overall strategy output, and generates the commands necessary to perform the requested tasks. Some analysis options permit users to make global changes, request DB2 utilities, and control data migration. Using the same underlying strategy with different analysis options, multiple versions of the migration, alteration, or comparison can be generated.
  3. Execute the migration, alteration, or comparison using the Execution Facility.
    The Execution Facility invokes the Batch Processor interface to execute all the commands generated by the Analysis Facility. The Batch Processor interface is restartable and produces a complete audit trail. An online Execution Monitor is also available for viewing the status of job executions.