Sequence Create Option

You can create sequence objects.
You can create sequence objects.
Follow these steps:
  1. Perform the following actions on the CA RC/Update Main Menu:
    • Type
      in the Option field.
    • Specify
      in the Object field.
    • (Optional) Type values for one or more of the remaining fields to add to the object definition. For complete information about the fields, press F1 (Help). 
    Press Enter.
    The Sequence Create panel appears.
  2. Complete the fields, and then press Enter.
    The values are applied as your new sequence's attributes.
    Press the END key.
    The RC/Update Creation Confirmation panel appears with the generated DDL for creating your object.
  3. Perform
    of the following actions:
    • Press Enter to execute the DDL online through the Batch Processor.
    • Enter
      in the command line to edit the generated DDL.
    • Press the END key to return to the create panel.
      Depending on the CA RC/Update Profile settings for your user ID, you might also have the option of rebuilding the DDL with RC/Alter so you can specify utilities and extended DDL generation and analysis options.
    Your session continues, depending on your choice.