Compare Table Data

This topic describes how to compare data between two different tables.
The Data Compare component enables application developers and database administrators to compare data between two different tables. You can also use this component to perform a point-in-time comparison of data from a single table (compare data from the same table at two different times). Use the data compare component to create strategies that help eliminate manual data comparison processes, increasing productivity. Using a data compare strategy, you can:
  • Select table pairs for comparison
  • Specify the column order for processing
  • Map the columns between the table pairs
  • Generate unload control statements
  • Execute the compare
  • View the differences between the two tables in the Data Compare Report
You can reuse, update, copy, template, and execute the data compare strategies as needed. You must then analyze and execute the data compare strategy to compare the table data.
You can use the Data Compare capabilities to ensure:
  • A new program makes the expected changes by comparing the table before and after the program is run.
  • Test data matches production data.
You can also perform selective column comparison of two tables without worrying about other columns (such as timestamps) that might not match.
use DB2 catalog tables in data compare strategies to prevent complications during processing of comparison data.
CA RC/Update™ for DB2 for z/OS
cannot determine whether a specified table is a catalog table or non-catalog table.