Release Notes

These release notes explain the key features and details for
3.0 is the first DevOps solution to enable development teams to control, script, and develop for the mainframe like any other cloud platform using open source tools. Brightside empowers next-generation developers to more easily apply their experience with modern DevOps toolchains and frameworks, helping to increase their ability to innovate for the mainframe platform. It enables automation with self-service capabilities to help unlock the mainframe's value.
reduces risk and cost by accelerating software development with higher quality and creating a fine-tuned cross-enterprise DevOps environment.
3.0 is an enterprise-class DevOps solution that provides:
  • Mainframe automation that is driven by modern distributed tools (such as Jenkins or TravisCI) to integrate the mainframe with DevOps pipelines.
  • Modern interfaces such as Eclipse Che stacks (Che4z), Visual Studio Code Extensions (Code4z), and Zowe CLI.
  • Infrastructure management of REST APIs across your organization using Zowe API Mediation Layer.
  • Intellectual property protection assures that all third-party software is safe to use.
  • On-going product innovations available only with a
    subscription, such as the z/OS Extended-Jobs and z/OS Extended-Files plug-ins.
Supported Components
subscription includes support for:
  • Zowe™ Long-Term Support (LTS) versions
    • Zowe API Mediation Layer
      A single point of access for mainframe service REST APIs.
    • Zowe Application Framework
      A virtual desktop with apps that access z/OS functions. The base version of Zowe includes apps for 3270 terminal and VT Terminal, as well as an editor and explorers for JES, MVS Data Sets, and Unix System Services.
    • Zowe CLI
      A command-line interface that lets you interact with the mainframe in a familiar, off-platform format.
    • Zowe Client SDKs
      Software Development Kits that let you easily use Zowe APIs to build client applications that interact w/ the mainframe.
    • Zowe Explorer
      A VSCode extension, which is powered by Zowe CLI, that streamlines interaction with mainframe data sets, USS files, and jobs.
    • Zowe z/OS Services
      A set of APIs for the management of z/OS JES jobs and MVS data set services.
    For information about these components, see Zowe Overview in the Zowe documentation.
  • Che4z (Eclipse Che stacks)
    Eclipse Che4z provides components/extensions for Eclipse Che to facilitate mainframe application development. You can download the Basic Stack or the Premium Stack. For more information, see Eclipse Che4z.
  • Code4z (Visual Studio Code Extension Pack)
    Code4z is a Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode) extension pack that offers mainframe development capabilities. An "extension pack" consists of several plugins, which collectively offer a modern interface into the mainframe through VSCode. For more information, see Code4z on the VSCode marketplace.
  • Broadcom Product Plug-ins and Innovations
    • A growing collection of Zowe CLI plug-ins that integrate with Broadcom products.
    • Broadcom Innovation plug-ins, such as z/OS Extended-Files and z/OS Extended-Jobs Plug-ins for Zowe CLI.
      For information, see Available Plug-ins
    • Broadcom Innovation extensions to the Zowe API Mediation Layer: The
      API State Monitor for Zowe API Mediation Layer
      monitors the state of API services flowing through the Zowe ecosystem and reports that state back to the System Log (SYSLOG) in the form of a Write To Operator (WTO) message. The
      API Audit Log for Zowe API Mediation Layer
      provides unified auditing logs making it possible for you to visualize API Audit Log data. For more information, see
      Extensions for Zowe API Mediation Layer