How to Enable Web Services

As a change manager (
CA Endevor SCM
administrator), you can enable the Web Services component. This component is a prerequisite for the Eclipse-Based UI. In addition, you can use Web Services to connect your user-written program to the
CA Endevor SCM
Enabling Web Services is a complex process that requires that you coordinate the assistance of other roles. The following graphic shows the responsibilities (scenarios) associated with each role for the master scenario How to Enable Web Services:
This graphic shows How to Enable Web Services.
To enable Web Services, the following roles complete these scenarios:
All roles should review the prerequisite information before attempting their how-to scenario.
  1. CA Common Services CAICCI administrator -- Enable STC Definitions for Web Services.
  2. Web applications administrator -- Install and Set Up
    CA Endevor SCM
    Web Services
Completing these steps sets up Web Services to use the Eclipse Plug-in. For more information about client stubs, see User-Written Client Programs.