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CA Technologies has standardized product installations across all mainframe products. Installation uses the following process:
  • Acquisition -- Transports the software to your z/OS system.
  • Installation using SMP/E -- Creates an SMP/E environment and runs the RECEIVE, APPLY, and ACCEPT steps. The software is untailored.
  • (For CA CSM Release 5.1 and earlier only) Deployment -- Copies the target libraries to another system or LPAR.
    This step is optional in later CA CSM versions.
  • Configuration -- Creates customized load modules, bringing the software to an executable state.
  • (For staging system configurations in CA CSM Version 6.0 only) Deployment -- Makes configured run-time libraries available to a remote location where that software can be activated, bringing it to an executable state.
CA Chorus™ Software Manager (CA CSM) - formerly known as CA Mainframe Software Manager™ (CA MSM) - is an intuitive web-based tool that can automate and simplify many CA Technologies product installation activities on z/OS systems. This application also makes obtaining and applying corrective and recommended maintenance easier. A web-based interface enables you to install and maintain your products faster and with less chance of error. As a best practice, we recommend that you install mainframe products and maintenance using CA CSM. Using CA CSM, someone with limited knowledge of JCL and SMP/E can install a product.
If you do not have CA CSM, login to Broadcom Support Online and select DOWNLOAD MANAGEMENT. Follow the installation instructions in the product documentation.
You can also complete the standardized installation process manually using pax files that are downloaded from https://casupport.broadcom.com.
To install your product, do the following tasks:
  1. Prepare for the installation by confirming that your site meets all installation requirements.
  2. Verify that you acquired the product using one of the following methods:
    • Download the software using CA CSM.
    • Download the software from Broadcom Support Online using Pax-Enhanced Electronic Software Delivery (Pax ESD).
  3. Perform an SMP/E installation using one of the following methods:
    • If you used CA CSM to acquire the product, start the installation process from the SMP/E Environments tab in CA CSM.
    • If you used Pax ESD to acquire the product, you can install the product in the following ways:
      • Install the product manually.
      • Complete the SMP/E installation using the Add Product option in CA CSM.
    If a CA Recommended Service (CA RS) package is published for your product, install it before proceeding.
  4. (For CA CSM Release 5.1 and earlier only) Deploy the target libraries.
    This step is optional for later CA CSM versions.
  5. Configure your product using CA CSM or manually.
  6. (For staging system configurations in CA CSM Version 6.0 only) Deploy configured run-time libraries, and activate your product.
    Configuration is considered part of starting your product.