Includes steps to acquire, install, deploy, and configure your product.
We strongly recommend that you read this entire section before starting an installation.
To install
, you must have the following knowledge:
  • A working knowledge of the mainframe environment, the z/OS mainframe operating system, the Time Sharing Option facility (TSO), the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF), and the System Modification Program / Extended (SMP/E).
  • A working knowledge of OS JCL, the standard IBM utilities, and how to use the ISPF/PDF editor.
  • Know how to administer VSAM catalog structures.
  • A working knowledge of, and can execute, the IBM SMP/E utility program.
  • Proper security authority to define data sets and perform system authorization functions.
You may need to work with the following personnel:
  • Systems programmer, for z/OS and VTAM definitions.
  • Storage administrator, for DASD allocations.
  • Security administrator, for security configuration.
  • Endevor
    administrator, for the JCL variables to be defined for your site. For more information, see Installation Plan.
At many sites, the installation is performed by the systems programmer and the implementation is performed by the
For more information, see Implementation Tasks for the Administrator.