Install the Eclipse-based UI on a Client Computer

This page contains the installation instructions for the  plugin.
This page contains the installation instructions for the
CA Endevor
You can use a standard Eclipse IDE or any Eclipse-based IDE of your choice to install the
CA Endevor
plugin into it. Examples of IDEs you can use include:
• The standard Eclipse IDE, which is available on the Eclipse official website.
• IBM Explorer for z/OS (z/OS Explorer), which is an Eclipse-based integration platform for z/OS users.
The Web Services installation process automatically installs the Eclipse-Based UI update site on your Tomcat server in the folder
. The following installation process enables you to install the Eclipse-Based UI on your client computer from the update site.
  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • Mainframe support, also known as the
    CA Endevor
    Server, needs to be installed and running on mainframe to provide functionality for the Eclipse UI. Contact your system programmer to get the
    of the
    CA Endevor
  • CA Endevor
    Version 18.0 or higher
  • CA Endevor
    Web Services Version 18.0 or higher
    For information on how to install and configure the Web Services component, see How to Enable Web Services.
  • The Eclipse Foundation's Eclipse Software Development Kit (SDK) must be installed on each client computer where the Eclipse-Based UI is to be installed. The Eclipse-Based UI has been certified with release 4.4 and 4.6 of the Eclipse Foundation's Eclipse SDK.
    • The Eclipse-Based UI can be installed on platforms that support the Eclipse SDK version you are using.
    • The Eclipse SDK includes the Eclipse Platform, Java development tools, and Plug-in Development Environment, which contains source code, user documentation, and development documentation.
    • Eclipse does not include a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For the proper version of the JRE or Java Development Kit (JDK) that must be installed on your machine to run Eclipse, see the Eclipse FAQs.
  • Confirm server and plug-in version compatibility:
    1. Navigate to the following URL in your web browser: https://
      The website displays the current version of the server, for example: 18.00.001. Note the server version number, as you will need this when selecting the correct plug-in.
    2. Determine the correct plug-in version to install using the guide on the Eclipse Plug-in Compatibility page.
    3. Select, and install the correct version of the plug-in, for example 18.1.
Follow these steps:
  1. In Eclipse, go to Help, Install New Software.
    Select Add and enter
  2. Select the correct plug-in version, based on your server version. For more information on how to select the correct plug-in version, see Eclipse Plug-in Compatibility
  3. Select Eclipse-Based UI, and click Next to proceed with installation of the Eclipse-Based UI for
    CA Endevor
  4. Accept the licence agreement that appears, and click Finish.
    You have installed the Eclipse Plug-in for
    CA Endevor