Web Services Support for 64-bit Java

Information on
CA Endevor
Web Services component support for 64-bit Java
Web Services supports 64-bit Java from Version 18.0.12 onward with the application of
CA Endevor
PTF SO07606
and either CA Common Services for z/OS
PTF SO06239
or CA Common Services for z/OS 15.0
PTF SO06329
. Applying this PTF enables you to start your Tomcat server with a 64-bit Java virtual machine (JVM).
Installing 64-bit Java
To enable Java 64-bit support, you can choose between the two following methods:
Method 1: Installation Properties File
  1. Set the JAVA_HOME parameter in the Installation Properties File (
    ) to specify 64-bit Java.
  2. Re-install Web Services using the
Method 2: Tomcat Started Task JCL
  1. Edit the Tomcat started-task JCL so that it uses VERSION='86' rather than VERSION='80'.
  2. Edit the Tomcat Environment file so that it meets the following criteria:
    • JAVA_HOME specifies a 64-bit version of Java
    • LIBPATH uses a s390x directory rather than an s390 directory
      These directories are located within the 64-bit Java home directory.
Usage Considerations
To fully exploit 64-bit Java support, edit the Tomcat Environment file to specify a larger heap size, to avoid a Java "out of memory" error.
IJO="$IJO -Xms128m -Xmx512m"
In this example, the Java heap size ranges from 128 MB to 512 MB. We recommend that you increase the maximum size of the Java heap to at least 2,048 MB, as follows:
IJO="$IJO -Xms128m -Xmx2048m"