Information on the creation of reports for developers or administrators
This content is intended for developers or administrators.
  • Endevor
    • Create the following reports from the
      Reporting Interface panel in foreground:
      • Master Control File reports (CONRPT01-12)
      • Historical (SMF) reports (CONRPT40-43)
      • Package reports (CONRPT70-72)
      • Footprint reports (CONRPT80-83)
      • Unload/Reload reports (CONRPT50-55)
      • Shipment reports (CONRPT73-76)
      • Archived Package reports (CONRPT56-58)
    • Create the Site Options report when running a batch job.
  • Comma Separated Value (CSV) utility — Extract information from the Master Control File (MCF) or Package file and write it to a CSV-formatted file, which you can import into a software product to create a report.