Optional Feature Table ENCOPTBL

The optional feature table (OFT) provides you with a simple way to customize 
 for your site
The optional feature table (OFT) supplied with 
 provides you with a simple mechanism to customize the product for your site. This facility lets you configure your implementation of 
 by specifying which features that you want to activate. After modifying the OFT source, assemble and link the table, placing the output into the 
 execution library.
The optional feature table embedded in ENCOPTBL provides a description of each option with detailed information about parameter values and downstream effects.
The OFT source, as distributed, contains each option already coded, but inactive. To activate an entry, remove the asterisk (*) in column 1 and verify that the second parameter, if required, contains the appropriate value. Use sample JCL BC1JTABL to assemble and link ENCOPTBL to your 
 outside of SMP/E or use an SMP/E USERMOD to accomplish this. BC1JTABL is supplied in the installation library 
The optional feature table is provided with the 
 installation files as member ENCOPTBL in the installation TABLES library (iprfx.iqual.CSIQSRC).
Installation Requirements for ENCOPTBL
  • be assembled or compiled and linked with the RENT attribute 
  • reside in an APF-authorized load library
Removal of Some ENCOPTBL Options
ENDICNFG_CONLIB and UNAUTH_DFLTS have been removed in order to protect the system, in accordance with system integrity best practices. The C1DEFLTS and ENCOPTBL tables must be reassembled and relinked before you run