Information on securing the product
Endevor 18.1
Comprehensive security for
CA Endevor
consists of data set security and functional security.
Address security during the final testing of your first
CA Endevor
application. The initial setup and testing steps for implementing a new application should not be disrupted by overly restrictive security rules.
  • Data Set Security
    prevents unauthorized access to the data sets that
    CA Endevor
    CA Endevor
    alone does
    provide data set security. Data set security is performed by a site security package, such as CA ACF2 for z/OS, CA Top Secret for z/OS, or IBM RACF. You can use the following methods to implement data set security: program path protection, standard data set protection, or standard data set protection with the
    CA Endevor
    alternate ID feature. The alternate ID is strongly recommended.
  • Functional Security
    CA Endevor
    inventory functions from unauthorized access.
    CA Endevor
    provides customized functional security through the External Security Interface (ESI) and your site security package (CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, or RACF). ESI lets you store security rules under your site security package. You can secure the following functions: access to Environments, primary and foreground menu options, action authorization, Package actions, and concurrent action processing authorization.