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CA Automation Point

Consolidate consoles and events from multiple platforms, including non-IT devices.

CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence

Improve SLA management and avoid unplanned cost spikes.

CA Hardware Interface Service and CA Mainframe Connector

Retrieve hardware information and enable client products to manage Linux resources on z/VM systems.

CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence

Utilize machine learning to predict future performance and visualize and explore current and historical performance data from across your mainframe.

CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence

Get mainframe assessments to reveal hidden costs and operational gaps.

CA SOLVE:Access™ Session Management

Access multiple mainframe applications concurrently from a single terminal.

CA SOLVE:Operations© Automation

Manage and automates mainframe system resources and events, including routine resource management tasks and system startup and shutdown.

Machine Learning Capabilities

Utilize adaptive thresholding and visual analytics enabled by machine learning.