TMSTPNIT encountered an error in processing a tape initialization request. If the user has coded the JCL parameter VERIFY=ABEND, the user abend is taken when any error is encountered. It is preceded by the CAL0TN02 or CAL0TN03 message. If the VERIFY=ABEND parm is not specified, a U0222 abend may also result when ABEND is entered in response to the CAL0TN02 or CAL0TN03 messages.
The user should review the output of TMSTPNIT Report 41 - Tape Initialization and the job log to determine the actual error. Correct the error and resubmit the job to correctly initialize the problem volume and any label requests following the control statement in error.
The U0222 user abend is provided to prevent the processing of further tape initialization requests when an error is first encountered.