Release Notes

Information specific to new enhancements and changes to existing functionality introduced in this release.
These release notes detail new features and enhancements for the
CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP
12.2 Complete Release.
With the GA release of
CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP
12.2, the previous Incremental Release program for CA NetMaster 12.2 has formally concluded. All new features and maintenance introduced during the Incremental Release program have been incorporated into this complete Generally Available (GA) release that is supported per the standard support policy. For detailed information on this release, see the Product Information Bulletin.
What's New in the 12.2 GA Release
Please consult the New Features in the Incremental Release topic for a summary of all the incremental updates in 12.2. For a list of all the new features introduced following the 12.2 GA release, refer to the New Features topic.
Particular attention should be paid to sections New zFS File System and Enhanced Support for UNIX System Services (USS) Commands, as well as Installation actions required.
Installing or Updating to the 12.2 GA Release
If you have not yet installed
CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP
Release 12.2:
Install the GA PAX file (CA NETMASTER NETWORK MANAGEMENT R12.2 0000 MEDIA DVDNETMST1220E.pax.Z) from the Download Management page on Broadcom Support.
Additionally, install all available PTFs made available after the GA PAX file release date (04/15/2019).
If you have already installed
CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP
Release 12.2 INC01 or INC03:
Install all PTFs that have been made available after the incremental PAX file that you have installed. This will be either INC01 or INC03 (INC02 level was delivered via a set PTFs).
Current users of
CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP
12.2 INC01 or INC03 incremental release do not need to reinstall the Complete Release. An install of the 12.2 Incremental Release and all PTFs up to SO07876 is functionally equivalent to an install of the Complete Release.
Where applicable, the Release Notes provide links to the PTFs that supply new features and enhancements.