SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval

This article provides on overview of the SMP/E internet service retrieval maintenance offering.
As part of our ongoing Mainframe strategy, Broadcom now offers a new maintenance delivery service: SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval. This new delivery method uses the IBM SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER command to acquire
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Mainframe product maintenance over the internet by securely submitting an order for PTFs and HOLDDATA to a remote
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server. This service can reduce hours of maintenance time to just minutes, making your system programmers more productive and allowing them to focus on higher value tasks. “This capability has drastically reduced the time and effort needed to find and download updates. Best of all, it is easy to use!” said Rob Capel, Senior Operating System Programmer, Sentara Healthcare.
Broadcom SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval:
  • Eliminates time-consuming fix searches and the need to select maintenance manually through the Broadcom Support Portal
  • Automates delivery of
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    product maintenance directly to your mainframe
  • Fulfills orders based on the status of your SMP/E environments
  • Enables scheduling of maintenance downloads
  • Facilitates an easier installation of CA Recommended Service for z/OS and preventive services
With the SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval, you can acquire maintenance on demand or can schedule an SMP/E job to run regularly. The
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Order server supports the IBM-documented order types, which include: ALL, APARS, CRITICAL, HOLDDATA, PTFS, and RECOMMENDED.
If you are an existing Chorus™ Software Manager customer, you can also use this new service to download maintenance and dramatically reduce the time needed to download PTFs.
To get started, review the SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval documentation in the Mainframe Common Maintenance Procedures documentation.