Prepare to Install

This page explains how to prepare to install these CA NetMaster products:
To install your product(s), we recommend that you understand:
  • JCL
  • Your organization IT environment, enterprise structure, and region structure
  • z/OS environment and installing software in this environment
  • z/OS UNIX System Services
Consult with the following personnel, as required:
  • Security Administrator for access
  • Storage Administrator for DASD allocations
  • Systems Programmer for z/OS and VTAM definitions
This installation instructions that follow the Prepare to Install topics explain how to install all of the CA NetMaster suite products:
  • CA NetMaster NM for TCP/IP
  • CA NetMaster FTM
  • CA NetMaster Network Automation
  • CA NetMaster NM for SNA
You can install multiple products in the CA NetMaster family based on what you have purchased. You can also set up multiple products in one region. These products can be installed and figured concurrently.
Unless noted otherwise, each section applies to all of the CA NetMaster products.
As an initial step, make sure to review the following topics:
  • Installation Checklist - A chronological overview of the steps in an initial CA NetMaster installation
  • Review Installation and Configuration Best Practices
  • Installation Worksheet - A worksheet to gather the required information before you install and configure (or set up) the CA NetMaster products. For post-installation, it also lets you record the names of the data sets created by the installation and configuration process for future reference