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Edit Db2 data, VSAM files, and ISPF tables.

Launch Express

Use this set of TSO command processors, native ISPF commands, ISPF applications and dialogs, REXX execs, TSO/E CLISTs and EDIT macros to compliment your TSO/ISPF environment.

RAI Server

Provide authorized services to RAI products that run in unauthorized, client address spaces. This site also includes the steps to install all RAI software.


Extend the REXX language with a native interface to Db2. Invoke RDX as a REXX command or using a REXX function call.


Create a family of REXX language extensions that make REXX a viable replacement for assembled and compiled host languages.

Smart Jobstream Series

Enable your abended batch jobs to resume execution from a checkpoint, near the point of failure.


Run QMF in batch to ensure that run-time errors and abends are highly visible.


Reconfigure STEPLIB and task library concatenations dynamically within ISPF and maintain a discrete search order for each logical screen.


Manage Db2 threads that arise from operational mistakes, network failures, application errors, and runaway queries.