SYNCH Subcommand

The SYNCH subcommand synchronizes the Logonid database with the TSO SYS1.BRODCAST data set.
The SYNCH subcommand synchronizes the logonid database with the TSO SYS1.BRODCAST data set. Issue this subcommand for TSO users when you create their logonid records. Only unrestricted users with the ACCOUNT privilege level can issue this subcommand. However, a logonid with the ACCOUNT privilege cannot add a logonid with the SECURITY privilege to the SYS1.BRODCAST data set. To synchronize logonids with the SECURITY privilege, the logonid that executes the SYNCH subcommand must have the SECURITY and ACCOUNT privileges.
SYNCH {Like(lidmask) [If(field,...field)]} {Uid(uidmask) [If(field1,...field)]} {If(field1,...field)}