ACFDCMP - TSO Rule Set Decompile Command

Describes the ACFDCMP TSO rule set decompile command.
The ACFDCMP TSO command provides an alternate way to decompile access rule sets.
This command is issued from TSO READY mode.
The TSO ACFDCMP command follows one of these syntax formats:
ACFDCMP LIKE(C02-) INTO(C02) or ACFDCMP C024931 into (CO24931)
CA ACF2 can decompile access rules sets directly at the terminal or into a partitioned data set (PDS).
  • ruleid
    Specifies the key of an individual access rule set to decompile or list.
  • LIKE(
    Specifies a mask of rule IDs for decompiling or listing a group of access rule sets.
  • INTO(
    Specifies the data set where the rule set decompiles. This data set must be a partitioned data set (PDS).
    No other data set organizations are valid. If specifying a fully qualified data set name (that is, including the high-level index), enclose that name in single quotes.
    For example:
    The data set name you specify can include a member name in parenthesis only if you specify a ruleid and not ruleid-mask. If you do not specify a member name in the data set name, then $MEMBER is specified in the rule it is used. If no $MEMBER is specified, the key of the access rule set is used. However, if the member name is invalid, a member name is automatically generated.