Main Task Sample JCL for CA Cleanup for RACF

Use the following sample JCL for the main task with RACF:
Use the following sample JCL for the main task with RACF:
//AT8 PROC DB= //*------------------------------------------------------------------- //* This Started-task is used to perform ongoing security file cleanup //*------------------------------------------------------------------- //AT8 EXEC PGM=AT8#MON,REGION=2M,TIME=1440 //DBASE DD DISP=SHR, DSN=CAI.AT8.DB&DB //PARMS DD DISP=SHR,DSN=CAI.CDY1PROC(AT8PARM),FREE=CLOSE
Startup Parameter Requirements
The requirements for the startup parameters that are specified in the PARMS file are:
  • All keywords must begin in column one
  • A line with an asterisk in column one is treated as a comment.
    Disables the automatic thirty-minute interval for tracking file updates. When used, the tracking file is updated only in response to operator commands or during the nightly reload. This parameter can be used with an automated operator command product to provide greater control over when tracking file updates occur.
    Determines whether to collect the user IDs of all active address spaces in the system during startup and mark them as referenced. This process lets the product more easily track as much activity as possible.
Operator Commands
The following operator commands control the CA Cleanup main task:
To start the main task and security monitoring, enter:
    Starts the main task under the master subsystem. The main task does not require any JES2 services (such as SYSIN or SYSOUT processing). Starting with SUB=MSTR allows the main task to start collecting data as early as possible, without waiting for JES2 to start.
To restart the main task after software maintenance to the AT8#GBL module, enter:
If the REINIT PARM is omitted, the main task detects new maintenance levels at startup and automatically performs the REINIT process.
To request updating of the database on disk using the current in memory copy of the database, enter:
To stop security monitoring and the main task, enter:
You can stop and restart the main task at any time. Security monitoring and updating of the database does not occur.