Discover how to use product utilities (including utilities as input for customized reports using CA Earl).
The following utilities and reports are available:
  • TSSCFILE utility 
    Produces customized reports with information extracted from the CA Top Secret Security File. The utility parses the output of the particular TSS informational retrieval commands (LIST, MODIFY, WHOOWNS, WHOHAS and WHOAMI) and produces a file of fixed format records, which can be used to generate customized reports using any report writing utility or customer-written program.
  •  TSSUTIL utility 
    Processes security-related activity that is recorded in SMF data sets and the CA Top Secret Audit/Tracking File. You can also use TSSUTIL to archive activity.
  • TSSTRACK utility 
    Allows administrators and auditors to monitor security-related events (for example, violations) in real time for one or more systems.
  • TSSAUDIT utility 
    Allows an auditor to monitor changes to the CA Top Secret security file and monitor other sensitive MVS data (for example, list all changes to ACIDs or list changes during a range of dates or times).
  • TSSCHART utility 
    Builds a tree structure of the full CA Top Secret Security File in memory, consisting of control blocks representing divisions, departments, profiles, and users.
  • TSSCPR utility 
    Produces customized reports extracted from the CPF Recovery File.
  • CA Earl utilities (TSSREPORT, TSSREPORT2, and TSSREPORT3) 
    Can be used as input for customized reports using CA Earl.
  • TSSRPTST utility 
    Processes and displays the output that was sent to SMF by the SAF SECTRACE command.
  • TSSOERPT utility 
    Processes security-related activity recorded in SMF data sets to monitor user activity in a UNIX System Services (USS) environment.
  • TSSPROT utility 
    Secures (or unsecures) MVS data sets, generally in a non-SAF environment.
  • LDSRPT report 
    Lists all LDS requests stored in the LDS Recovery File.
  • Certificate utility 
    Displays the certificate hierarchy in your database and, optionally, displays each certificate, its signing certificate, the certificates that it has signed, and all of the information provided with the CHKCERT and LIST commands
  • TSSRPTSG statistics report 
    Gathers statistics for the Sysplex Coupling Facility, Cache Facility, Command Propagation Facility (CPF), and other sources.
  • TSSCFILX utility 
    Queries TSSCFILE data without creating additional security file overhead.
  • TSSCHKDN utility 
    Identifies invalid distinguished names (DNs) for CA Top Secret IDMAP users implementing secondary distinguished names.