Install Maintenance

After you have successfully installed any
CA Technologies
mainframe product software, check for important product maintenance that may have been released after the product installation package was prepared. The product releases are built and maintained using standardized SMP/E packaging and installation procedures. These procedures include error and FIXCAT HOLDDATA, new product features, and product interoperability validation. PTFs that pass interoperability test criteria are released monthly and designated as CA Recommended Service (CA RS) for z/OS. You can install the following types of maintenance:
  • Corrective maintenance that fixes an issue.
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid problems that others have reported or to provide a compatibility fix for hardware and software.
  • FIXCAT maintenance to support a particular hardware device, software release, or new product function.
You can initiate a maintenance installation activity at any time. However, before you do so, we recommend that you obtain the current SMP/E HOLDDATA.
You can install product maintenance using z/OSMF Software Update, SMP/E JCL, or CA Chorus™ Software Manager.
For a comprehensive collection of articles that are dedicated to all mainframe maintenance concepts and procedures, see Mainframe Common Maintenance Procedures.