Install Products Using CA CSM

As a system programmer, you can acquire, install, configure, and deploy your mainframe product software on z/OS systems using CA Chorus™ Software Manager (CA CSM). CA CSM simplifies and unifies the management of your
CA Technologies
mainframe products on z/OS systems. You can use CA CSM to manage your product software in a common way according to industry best practices. You can also obtain and apply corrective and recommended maintenance easier. A web-based interface lets you install and maintain your products faster and with less chance of error.
If you do not have CA CSM installed, download it from
Broadcom Support
To install a product using CA CSM, you
modify the SYSPRINT size. The default allocation of 30 cylinders is insufficient to complete the installation. We recommend that you increase the allocation parameters of the SYSPRINT data set to at least 120 cylinders.
Use the following topics to guide you through the product installation process using CA CSM:
  • Acquire Your Products Using CA CSM
  • Install Your Products Using CA CSM
Before you begin this process, review the installation best practices and verify that the installation requirements in Prepare for Installation have been met.
When these steps are completed, you are ready to install preventive maintenance.