This control statement enables you to list information associated with the configurations of one or more SIDs (SMF IDs).
This control statement enables you to list information associated with the configurations of one or more SIDs (SMF IDs).
Statement Format:
►►─ LISTC ─┬────────────────────────┬─ . ───────────────────────────────────────►◄            ├─ SID(sid1 ... sidn) ───┤            ├─ XSID(sid1 ... sidn) ──┤            ├─ EXCLUDESID(sid1 ...) ─┤            └─ ALL ──────────────────┘
Operands and Descriptions:
Specifies one or more SMF IDs, up to a maximum of 20, for which the associated options are printed. This operation is coded (sid1,sid2...).
Requests printing of the options for all configurations.
EXCLUDESID(sid1, sid2, …)
XSID(sid1, sid2, …)
The EXCLUDESID and XSID operands provide a way to indicate which systems the control statement does not apply to. One or more systems can be specified. Any configurations in the SCDS that have any of the named SIDs are not processed with the command. All other configured systems will be processed.
The EXCLUDESID and XSID operands are mutually exclusive synonyms of each other. These operands are also mutually exclusive with the SID operand and the ALL operand.
If no operands are specified, a list of all SID names on the SCDS file, including temporary SIDs defined in the input stream before the LISTC control statements, are generated.
Sample LISTC Statement:
LISTC statement output
Operands that are preceded by an asterisk have picked up their values from a higher level:
CA HERNDON                                      AUDIT TRAIL REPORT                            SMFD       PAGE     1 CA SMF Director  12.7                                                              XE96      26 JAN YYYY   8:53:40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         LISTC ALL.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CA HERNDON                                      AUDIT TRAIL REPORT                            SMFD       PAGE     2 CA SMF Director  12.7                                                              XE96      26 JAN YYYY   8:53:40                                                                                                                     COMPLEX LEVEL CONFIGURATION:                                                                                             SITE NAME:  CA HERNDON           LAST DUMP ON: 01/26/YYYY  3:50:40                                                       SDAY(00:00)  MAXLINES(000)  OVERLAP(0005)    AUTODEL    DYNAM                                                       PDEVN(3390    )  ADEVN(3390    )  MAXFILESONVOL(00002)                                                              COPIES(1)  NOCATLG  NOSCRATCH  DAYSTACK(NO) PDSNLARGE(NO) ADSNLARGE(NO)                                             EXPDT(0) NOPREFIX  AEXPDT(0) NOAPREFIX                                                                    SYSTEM LEVEL CONFIGURATION:                                                                                           SYSID: XAD1  SEQ#: 1  DATE DEFINED: 01/07/YYYY  NAME: C.A. XAD1                                                       OPTIONS:                                                                                                            COPIES(2)   NOVERIFY    SCRATCH     NOCATLG     RETPD(2)      PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XAD1)                         ARETPD(1) APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XAD1) TRTCH(NOCOMP ) ATRTCH(COMP   ) DAYSTACK(NO)                              *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) PDSNLARGE(NO) ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                   *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                        SYSTEM LEVEL CONFIGURATION:                                                                                           SYSID: XE96  SEQ#: 2  DATE DEFINED: 01/07/YYYY  NAME: C.A. XE96                                                       STATISTICS:                                                                                                          LAST DUMP ON: 01/26/YYYY  3:50:38  ON SYSTEM: XE96      RECORD COUNT: 255  AVERAGE: 513                                 CPU TIME:     0.126  AVERAGE:     0.023    SMF DATA TIME RANGE:   0:01  AVERAGE:   1:27                             LAST SMF RECORD TIMESTAMP: 01/26/YYYY  3:50:30.98                                                              OPTIONS:                                                                                                            COPIES(2)   NOVERIFY    SCRATCH     NOCATLG     RETPD(2)      PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96)                         ARETPD(1) APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96) TRTCH(NOCOMP ) ATRTCH(COMP   ) DAYSTACK(NO)                              *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) PDSNLARGE(NO) ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                   *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                        STREAM LEVEL CONFIGURATION:                                                                                             STREAMNAME: DUMMY.STREAM               ID: RB  TYPE: SUBSTREAM  SYSID: XE96                                         STATISTICS:                                                                                                          DUMPS: 0                                                                                                           OPTIONS:                                                                                                            *COPIES(2)   *NOVERIFY    *SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96)                   *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                         *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                 *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                         RECORDS:                                                                                                               NONE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    STREAMNAME: IFASMF.ALL                 ID: LA  TYPE: LOGSTREAM  SYSID: XE96                                          STATISTICS:                                                                                                           DUMPS: 35            LAST SMF RECORD TIMESTAMP: 01/26/YYYY  3:43:46                                                 OPTIONS:                                                                                                             *COPIES(2)   *NOVERIFY    *SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96)                    *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                          *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                  *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                              STREAMNAME: IFASMF.RMF                 ID: LC  TYPE: LOGSTREAM  SYSID: XE96                                          STATISTICS:                                                                                                           DUMPS: 0                                                                                                            OPTIONS:                                                                                                             *COPIES(2)   *NOVERIFY    *SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96)                    *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                    CA HERNDON                                      AUDIT TRAIL REPORT                            SMFD       PAGE     3  CA SMF Director  12.7                                                              XE96      26 JAN YYYY   8:53:40                                                                                                                             *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                  *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                              STREAMNAME: IFASMF.T30                 ID: LB  TYPE: LOGSTREAM  SYSID: XE96                                          STATISTICS:                                                                                                           DUMPS: 23            LAST SMF RECORD TIMESTAMP: 01/26/YYYY  3:43:24                                                 OPTIONS:                                                                                                             *COPIES(2)   *NOVERIFY    *SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96)                    *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                          *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                  *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                              STREAMNAME: SUBSTR.T30                 ID: RA  TYPE: SUBSTREAM  SYSID: XE96                                          STATISTICS:                                                                                                           DUMPS: 56            LAST SMF RECORD TIMESTAMP: 01/26/YYYY  3:20:42                                                 OPTIONS:                                                                                                             *COPIES(2)   NOVERIFY    SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96)                      *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE96) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                          *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                                  DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                          RECORDS:                                                                                                               030 031 032 033 034 035                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SYSTEM LEVEL CONFIGURATION:                                                                                          CA HERNDON                                      AUDIT TRAIL REPORT                            SMFD       PAGE     4  CA SMF Director  12.7                                                              XE96      26 JAN YYYY   8:53:40                                                                                                                         SYSID: XE74  SEQ#: 3  DATE DEFINED: 01/07/YYYY  NAME: C.A. XE74                                                        OPTIONS:                                                                                                             COPIES(2)   NOVERIFY    SCRATCH     NOCATLG     RETPD(2)      PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE74)                          ARETPD(1) APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE74) TRTCH(NOCOMP ) ATRTCH(COMP   ) DAYSTACK(NO)                               *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) PDSNLARGE(NO) ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                    *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                          STREAM LEVEL CONFIGURATION:                                                                                              STREAMNAME: IFASMF.SMFDATA             ID: LB  TYPE: LOGSTREAM  SYSID: XE74                                          STATISTICS:                                                                                                           DUMPS: 0                                                                                                            OPTIONS:                                                                                                             *COPIES(2)   *NOVERIFY    *SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE74)                    *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE74) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                          *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                  *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                              STREAMNAME: IFASMF.WHISTLE             ID: LA  TYPE: LOGSTREAM  SYSID: XE74                                          STATISTICS:                                                                                                           DUMPS: 0                                                                                                            OPTIONS:                                                                                                             *COPIES(2)   *NOVERIFY    *SCRATCH     *NOCATLG     *RETPD(2)      *PREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE74)                    *ARETPD(1) *APREFIX(PREFIX.CASMF.TEST.XE74) *TRTCH(NOCOMP ) *ATRTCH(COMP   ) *DAYSTACK(NO)                          *MAXFILESONVOL(00002) FIRSTYEAR(1960) *PDSNLARGE(NO) *ADSNLARGE(NO)                                                  *DYNAM    *PDEVN(3390    )  *ADEVN(3390    )  *SDAY(00:00)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               CA HERNDON                                      AUDIT TRAIL REPORT                            SMFD       PAGE     5  CA SMF Director  12.7                                                              XE96      26 JAN YYYY   8:53:40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CAF2900I  RUN COMPLETE