LOG Writer Exit

LOG Writer Exit
The log writer exit is called by the writer task after a LOG message has been formatted but before it has been written to the LOG DD. The exit could selectively write the message to the console or tell CA TPX to discard the message.
Discarding messages generated by CA TPX could eliminate vital information for Technical Support when debugging a problem. Use this carefully.
Program and Link the Exit
You must program the exit as reentrant and link it into the load library with module name TPXULOGW.
TPX--LOG Writer Exit--Register Contents
On entry, the registers contain the addresses of the following:
  • R1 -- Parameter list pointer
  • R11 -- SMRT address
  • R13 -- 72-byte save area
  • R14 -- Return address
  • R15 -- Entry point
Return Codes
On exit, the value in register 15 determines what processing should take place. The following lists the results for each possible value of register 15:
  • 0
    Normal processing
  • 4
    Discard the LOG message