Change Your User Characteristics

Describes how to establish temporary definitions for your keys and other user characteristics using the /E command.
You can establish temporary definitions for your keys and other user characteristics by issuing the /E command. Your administrator may limit which characteristics you can change with this command. (You can make permanent changes through self-maintenance. For more information, see the section Performing User Self-Maintenance.)
The example in this section uses the slash character (/) as the command character and PF12 or PF24 as the command key. You can specify different values.
To establish temporary user characteristics
  1. Issue the /E command from the command line from the TPX main menu panel (TEN0041).
    The User Temporary Overrides panel is displayed:
    User Temporary Overrides Panelid - TEN0049 Command ===> Userid - TPXUSER1 Termid - DXCPP34 Language: EN Date - 02/07/20 Menu Key: PF4 Time - 16:27:07 Jump Key: NONE Print Key: NONE Command Char: / Command Key: PF12/24 Security: TPX Invisible: N Do Not Disturb:N Do Not View: N
    The Menu, Jump, Print, and Command keys must each be assigned a unique value. However, you can specify NONE for any of those keys.
    • Language
      - Specifies the language of the displayed text.
    • Menu Key
      - Specifies the PF key that displays the menu.
    • Jump Key
      - Specifies the PF key that switches between active CA TPX sessions.
    • Print Key
      - Specifies the PF key that initiates printing.
    • Command Char
      - Specifies the character that should precede a command. For example, use the slash (/) character.
    • Command Key
      - Specifies the key that is used to trigger a CA TPX function within CA TPX. Valid values are:
      • PF1 through PF24
      • PF1/13 through PF2/24
      • PA1 through PA3
      • Enter
    • Security
      - Displays the security option that is in effect for the user. This value cannot be changed.
    • Invisible
      - Specifies whether non-active sessions are visible on the menu. This setting does not change individual session visibility on the menu.
    • Do Not Disturb
      - Specifies whether you receive messages from other users in the Mail Facility. Valid values are:
      • Y - You will not receive messages. Messages are saved to the Mail file.
      • N - You will receive messages.
    • Do Not View
      - Specifies whether your activity can be viewed by other users without your permission. Valid values are:
      • Y - Your activity cannot be viewed.
      • N - Your activity can be viewed.
  2. Move the cursor to the field you want to change, using the Tab or Return key.
  3. Type the new value for the field over the old value, or press the EOF key to erase the contents of the field and then type the new value.
  4. Press PF3.
The software establishes the values you specified and returns you to the TPX main menu panel (TEN0041). The temporary definitions remain valid until you sign off the product.
Use Online Help
Press PF1 to display help information at the top and bottom of any panel. This information remains on the screen until you exit the panel or press PF1 again.