Integrity Problems

The following error messages indicate record corruption:
The following error messages indicate record corruption:
These errors can be resolved without using SARDBASE RESTORE to restore the database. These can be solved with either SARDBASE VERIFY, COPY, or UNLOAD and LOAD. In most cases, these processes involve minimal data loss.
The following problems indicate database corruption that require resolution if you use this recovery procedure:
  • Date selection problems
  • Loop in the SYSOUT Selection List panel
  • Loop during the
    archival task backup cycle
  • Loop while executing database utilities
  • Difficulty deleting SYSOUT groups
Recovery Steps
If your database encountered the previously mentioned errors or symptoms, do the following steps to recover the database:
  1. Run the SARDBASE utility VERIFY function to verify and correct the database.
    You can run SARBCH LIST before and after the VERIFY, to account for any data that were lost in the process.
  2. If necessary, you can restore lost data from backup tapes using SARTDR TADD.
    The output from SARBCH LIST shows the tape sequence number for each SYSOUT. The tape sequence number is part of the last qualifier of the tape data set name used by SARTDR TADD.
    If many SYSOUTs are missing, you can save time by using SARDBASE RESTORE as an alternative to SARTDR TADD.
  3. After SARTDR TADD has run, set the EROPRO initialization parameter to ALL before the standard backup cycle.
  4. Restart the
    archival task and resume operation.
    If additional errors remain after the VERIFY, see Media Problems.