Prepare for Installation

Before you proceed with the installation, ensure that you are familiar with the required products, terms, and concepts.
As a system programmer, your responsibilities include installing products on your mainframe system. You run this installation once to install
Web Viewer
, and
. You install the stand-alone Java transformers separately.
Be familiar with these products and the following terms and concepts:
  • JCL
  • Your organization IT environment, enterprise structure, and region structure
  • z/OS environment and installing software in this environment
  • z/OS UNIX System Services
Before you proceed with the installation, review the installation best practices. Then print and enter the required values in the installation worksheets. Refer back to the worksheets for the required values during the installation process. 
To install the required products, follow the steps that are described in the Installation Checklist. After you complete each step, return to the checklist and continue to the next step.