Review the following articles when you configure CA View:
Review the following articles when you configure CA View:
  • Date Format
    All displays and batch reports display the date in the
    format. The date format, date separator character, and time separator character are specified in the SARDFMT load module.
  • Browser Reports on Tape
    The expanded access server for tape and robotics lets you browse a report that resides only on tape, without having to load the report back to disk.
  • Job Accounting
    CA View maintains information about the use of resources by each archived SYSOUT group, such as the number of database blocks written on disk.
  • Microfiche Processing
    The SARMFP program creates a sequential output file in a format suitable for microfiche processing. You can process the output file by a microfiche reformat utility to produce a COM-ready tape or can be microfiched directly by an intelligent microfiche processor.
  • Print to External Devices
    The external print interface is a direct interface between CA View and any printing product that can be used to reprint a SYSOUT or report. CA View communicates directly with these external printing products through initialization parameters and online specifications.
  • 3800 Printer Attributes
    CA View captures and archives information on the 3800 printer attributes for SYSOUT produced under the JES2 job entry subsystem. However, under the JES3 job entry subsystem, this information is not readily available to CA View and is not archived with the SYSOUT.
  • Recovery Data Set
    The CA View recovery data set is used by the archival started task and during the recovery process to maintain and obtain information on the primary tapes used in the backup process. The SARRECV DD statement references the data set in the started task JCL for the archival task and in the batch JCL for the SARDBASE and SARRCOV utilities.
  • System Extensions
    CA View is designed to function without any modifications to operating system code. However, some features are so closely tied to the operating system that they could not be implemented if the policy of no system modifications were strictly adhered to. These features are available through CA View system extensions.