EMC Centera Disk Option

CA View EMC Centera Option enables you to:
CA View EMC Centera Option enables you to:
  • Migrate and retrieve reports from a Centera disk cluster
  • Migrate the reports to the CA View database for viewing or printing
The CA View EMC Centera option helps you reduce the DASD load on your site while minimizing the performance impact of the slightly slower access speed of a Centera cluster. Instead of loading a 100,000 line report back to the CA View database, you can view or print the data you need directly from a Centera cluster.
After you configure CA View to use the EMC Centera option, you can select a storage destination for SYSOUT group archiving based on retrieval frequency and retention period.
CA View initially archives reports to Primary disk storage. SYSOUT groups are then backed to tape storage and optionally migrated to Secondary disk storage. CA View can archive SYSOUT data to three levels of storage. The storage options are as follows:
  • Primary disk storage option - CA View database
    This option lets you store the data on a CA View primary disk database. Use it for:
    • Primary disk storage for SYSOUT groups that you must view frequently so that the SYSOUT group is always available for immediate retrieval.
    • Any SYSOUT group with a relatively short retention requirement, since primary disk space is reusable and the space quickly becomes available again.
  • Secondary disk - Centera disk cluster
    Secondary disk storage is an optional component of CA View. Use it as a storage alternative to the CA View primary disk database.
    Specify a Centera disk cluster or disk as a destination for SYSOUT archiving that lets you create a more portable and permanent backup for reports.
  • Tape storage - CA View archival tapes
    CA View archival tape storage is used to back up SYSOUT groups on primary or secondary disk.
    For more information about tape storage, see Migrate and Retrieve Reports.