Assigns a directory manager a default allocation device type when using the MANAGE command to create new minidisks.
mgrid devtype
  • mgrid
    The directory manager user ID to which this default device type is assigned.
  • devtype
    The directory manager’s default device type shown on the Define a New Minidisk screen through the MANAGE command. This can be any currently z/VM supported minidisk device type.
The DEVTYPE record specifies the default device type that directory managers allocate from when allocating a new minidisk using the Define a New Minidisk screens using the MANAGE command.
A directory manager can override this default device type by providing a different one in the TYPE field in the Define a New Minidisk screen.
does not use the DEVTYPE record when a directory manager changes an existing minidisk using the Move a Minidisk option in the MANAGE screens. The Device Type field must be filled in. The DEVTYPE record is not used when minidisks are changed using the ADDMDISK or CHGMDISK commands. The directory manager must provide the device type or take the default based on the location determined by the subpool.
The DEVTYPE record must follow the MANAGER record. The DEVTYPE record is optional. There is no default value. If a directory manager has no default device type, device type fields are left blank on any screens that the directory manager uses. Based on the location of the allocation, the device type is determined by the subpool used.