Local Session Control Parameters

XCOM.SES is a file that is used by the XCOMD
XCOM Scheduler service
to control the maximum number of sessions available for locally initiated queued transfers for each remote system. When
XCOM Data Transport
is installed, the XCOM.SES file is placed in the directory $XCOM_HOME/config by default where $XCOM_HOME is an environment variable.
You can set a maximum number of partners that can be described in this file by specifying a number in the MAX_SESSIONS_ENTRIES global parameter. For example, if you specify MAX_SESSIONS_ENTRIES=50, you can have up to 50 lines in this file, each one specifying the name of the remote system.
You limit the number of sessions available for 
XCOM Data Transport
 transfers by setting a parameter in the xcom.ses file for each connection to the remote 
XCOM Data Transport
 partner. If a session is not available for immediate use, the transfer is queued for subsequent execution.
To specify a remote system, as indicated in the example in this section, replace 
 with the destination address or name that is specified by the user in the remote system parameter (REMOTE_SYSTEM, REMOTE_SYSTEM_RF, REMOTE_SYSTEM_SJ, or REMOTE_SYSTEM_SR).
XCOM Data Transport
 reserves memory for information about the number of sessions for each destination based on the 
 entries in this file.
Transfers Using SNA
For transfers using SNA, the parameter name 
 represents the remote system name or partner LU name to which the session limit is applied.
Transfers Using TCP/IP
For transfers using TCP/IP, specify the format of the remote system that is consistent with your site's use of the remote system parameters. If the IP address is used, specify
connection_profile in the form of
. If host names or domain names are used in the remote system parameter, specify 
 in the appropriate form of the name.
Specify a 
for each form of address or name that is used.
If the XCOM.SES file does not have an entry for the host name or domain name, the value of the 
 defaults to one.
In the following example, a sample xcom.ses file of session control parameters for 
XCOM Data Transport
 partners is shown. It indicates the following:
  • That a maximum of eight sessions can be used at any one time for locally initiated transfers to a remote system identified as XCOMQA3
  • That a maximum of four sessions can be used at any one time for locally initiated transfers to a remote system identified as XCOMQA4.
  • That a maximum of four simultaneous transfers can go to