Special Features

Describes the special features of CA XCOM Data Transport.
The Batch Interface supports all CA XCOM Data Transport features, including the following special features:
Third-Party Processing
Third-party processing involves a situation where a system is used to arrange for a second system to send a file, job, or report to a third system at a specified future time if not immediately.
For important information about third-party processing, see the description of the parameters STCAPPL (in the section PARM Parameters), LPASS, and LUSER (in General SYSIN01 Parameters).
Broadcast Distributions
A file can be sent to multiple targets (a broadcast list) at the same time. For important information on broadcast distributions, see the description of the parameter LIST (in the section PARM Parameters).
Interdependent Transfers
CA XCOM Transfer Control, referred to as XTC processing, makes use of transfer parameters allowing interdependent transfers to be defined as a single group. Transfers in the same group can be held, purged, or released depending on the successful or unsuccessful completion of other transfers in the group.
For important information about XTC processing, see the sections SYSIN01 Transfer Control (XTC) Parameters and Coding Interdependent Transfers.
User-Specified Checkpoints
For important information about user-specified checkpoints, see the description of the parameter CKPT (in the section General SYSIN01 Parameters).
Batched Multiple Transfers
For important information about batched multiple transfers, see the description of the parameters CONTINUE (in the section PARM Parameters) and NEWXFER (in the section General SYSIN01 Parameters).