Maintenance Best Practices

For SMP/E installed products, Continuous Delivery releases will supply individual fixes for corrective maintenance and new features. Maintenance rollup (preventive) services will occur with CA Recommended Service (CA RS). By providing individual fixes, you can deploy maintenance with minimal change when desired or necessary. For non-SMP/E installed products, maintenance and features will continue to leverage the posted fix strategy.
Review the following maintenance best practices:
  • Define a preventive maintenance schedule using CA Recommended Service (CA RS)
    CA RS is modeled after the IBM preventive maintenance model of Recommended Service Upgrades (RSUs). After full integration and regression testing with other
    products, the service elements are added into the appropriate CA RS level, ensuring product quality and the integrity of your environment.
    Apply CA RS maintenance 2 to 4 times a year. Execute ACCEPT CHECK and ACCEPT prior to applying a new CA RS level or any maintenance.
  • Use SMP/E Receive Order to acquire and receive all maintenance on a regular basis
    Automates the download of PTF maintenance and HOLDDATA for the
    products. This service uses the IBM SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER command and can reduce hours of maintenance time to only minutes. Submit the SMP/E Receive Order job to download missing PTFs and HOLDDATA. PTFs are received directly into the global zone. Use a job scheduler to automate the acquisition and eliminate time-consuming fix searches and the need to select maintenance manually through the
    Broadcom Support
    portal. When you are ready, you can receive and apply the maintenance per your site guidelines.
    If you are not using SMP/E Receive Order, download PTFs, ++ASSIGN statements, and HOLDDATA into the global zone.
  • Download HOLDDATA on a regular cadence and review ERRSYSMODS report before applying maintenance.
    The ERROR HOLDDATA will prevent PTFs in Error (PE's) from being applied without a fixing PTF. Review and install critical fixes at least once a week.
  • Execute an APPLY CHECK to ensure that all PE PTFs are resolved before you execute the APPLY.
  • Execute APPLY after all PE PTFs are resolved.
  • Subscribe to HIPER and other product notifications (under your account on
    Broadcom Support
    , select Subscriptions). Select the alerts you want, and then select
  • Use FIXCAT HOLDDATA to prepare for upcoming upgrades.
    Use compatibility pages to determine if products are compatible.
  • Participate in the
    Mainframe Communities
    to find upcoming events and webcasts, the latest blog posts, and to benefit from learning, connecting, and sharing knowledge with other product users.
We anticipate that each Continuous Delivery release will be available for an extended period of time. However, an incompatible architectural change or other similar reason may require a new Continuous Delivery release in the future.