CAUNZIP Requirements

The CAUNZIP utility is provided to simplify the downloading of maintenance from Broadcom Support online. CAUNZIP is a TSO utility that extracts the contents of a published solutions maintenance package order from Broadcom Support. This utility lets you process zip-format packages directly on z/OS. CAUNZIP extracts the contents of a Published Solutions maintenance package order that you have downloaded from Broadcom Support. The utility extracts the contents of the order and produces a Network Temporary Store (NTS) formatted set of z/OS UNIX files. You can use these files for SMP/E RECEIVE processing.
Sample JCL is provided to complete the following tasks:
The following requirements must be addressed to use the CAUNZIP utility:
  • Install
    Common Components and Services
    Version 15.0 with PTF SO08469.
  • Define an OMVS segment for the user executing the utility.
  • Define read/write access to the z/OS Unix System Services (USS) directory.
    • zFS, HFS, NFS, and TFS file systems are supported.
    • Allocate the file system with approximately 4.5 times the space of the zip file being processed. Each 3390 track is the equivalent of 56 KB. The actual size requirements vary based on the contents of the order.
  • Install IBM Java SDK for z/OS, Version 5 or higher (31-bit and 64-bit are supported).
  • Provide a minimum REGION size of 128 MB (REGION=0M is recommended).
  • Ensure that the IBM REXX LPA data set, REXX.SEAGLPA, is in the system LPALSTxx SYS1.PARMLIB member and included with the last IPL. If REXX.SEAGLPA is not available on the system, add the REXX alternative library, REXX.SEAGALT, to the system linklist instead.
When you run CAUNZIP, the following output is produced:
  • GIMZIP archive files that contain all PTFs and all ERROR HOLDDATA statements in the order. The archive files are saved under a z/OS UNIX order path and can be provided to SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNTS processing.
    The ERROR HOLDDATA statements only pertain to the specific HOLDDATA files that are contained in the order. Before you install maintenance packages, obtain the current HOLDDATA for all PTFs from the consolidated HOLDATA page on Broadcom Support. For more details, see the sample JCL to obtain the HOLDDATA file.
  • A z/OS UNIX file within the order path that contains all informational PTF/APAR files that are contained in the order, concatenated and separated by header lines. Review this file before installing the maintenance package.
  • A report listing all the elements that are processed from the zip file.
  • Sample JCL that you can use to execute the SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNTS processing.
  • If the zip file contains any product files (for example: .pax, .pdf, .ESD or .ICO files), CAUNZIP creates a z/OS UNIX directory, SMPPAX, in the order directory and copies the product files to that directory. The directory name is derived from the zip file name. These extracted files are retained after CAUNZIP completes processing. If needed, you can use them for installing products.