Adding a domain key

SMG Scanners use domain keys to perform DKIM signing on outbound mail. When you add a domain key, SMG generates an RSA key pair that includes a public key and a private key. When you enable DKIM signing for a domain from the
Protocols > SMTP > Domains >Add or Edit Domain > Delivery
tab, you select the domain key.
SMG uses the private key to create a signature, which it adds to the header and body of each outbound message. The recipient mail server uses the public key to validate the message.
  1. To add a domain key
  2. In the Control Center, click
    Administration > Settings > Certificates
  3. Click the
    Domain Keys
  4. Click
  5. In the
    Domain key name
    field, type a unique name for this domain key.
  6. In the
    Key length
    drop-down list, choose a length, in bits, for the RSA key.
    The default key length is 1024 bits.
    Many DNS servers have a 256 character limitation for DNS records. Records that are longer than 256 characters may fail to load or the DNS server may truncate them. To avoid this issue, use 1024 length DKIM keys. To use a 1536-bit key or 2048-bit key, split the DNS entry into multiple lines of less than 256 characters.
  7. Click
If you want to use your own private key to create DKIM signatures, you can import it as a domain key instead of adding a domain key.