Installing the operating system patch updates

If you do not upgrade to the latest release of CWP for Storage, older OS packages inside controller unit and protection unit might be out-of-date. We recommend that you update these packages. You can install the OS patch updates using the command gateway.
  1. To install the patch update
  2. Request a software patch update package through the Case Management portal of Broadcom Support  if you have a specific vulnerability to mitigate.
  3. Log on to the Controller Unit virtual machine.
  4. Switch to the user that is created to use Command Gateway:
    su user_name
  5. Go to the Command Gateway directory:
  6. Run the following command to install the update:
    / sync_packages -file <package-file-name>
    / sync-packages -file <package-file-name>
    1. The sync-package file format might change in a few copy operations and that might result in CRLF as a terminating character for each line. This is not expected to result for a
    2. To cross check the file format, use the following command:
      • file [filename]
        Ensure that it is only an ASCII text, and CRLF does not exist.