Installing or updating a
Cloud Workload Protection

Download the agent installation package from the
Cloud Workload Protection
console and install it on the instance. To update an existing agent, install the latest agent on the same instance. The older agent is updated to the latest version.
The agent automatically gets enrolled with the corresponding
Cloud Workload Protection
account during the installation process. You must restart the instance for the agent installation to take effect. After you install the agent and restart the instance, you can apply policy groups to the instances.
Before you begin, review the following:
To download and install the agent
  1. On the
    Cloud Workload Protection
    console, go to
    Settings > Downloads
    Ensure that the selected service is
  2. Select the
    Operating System
    and the
    of the instance where you want to install the agent.
    The agent installation package varies for different operating systems and variants. Ensure that you select the correct options.
  3. Based on the selected operating system and the variant, you may get the following options when you press
    • Download Anti-Malware Definitions
      : Downloads only the Anti-Malware definitions.
    • Download Agent
      : Downloads only the agent installation package.
    • Download Agent + Anti-Malware Definitions
      : Downloads the agent installation package and the definitions. This option downloads two tar files - one for the agent installation package and one for the Anti-Malware definitions.
    If you download only the Anti-Malware definitions, you must extract the definitions at the instance after you install the agent, as described in step 8.If you do not download the Anti-Malware definitions, you can still install the agents with Anti-Malware capabilities. When the agent is connected to the Internet, the definitions are automatically downloaded from the Symantec LiveUpdate server.
  4. Optionally, you can press
    to view the
    Agent Enrollment Keys
    The agent enrollment keys are authentication details that are included in the installation script. During agent installation, the script uses these details to automatically enroll the agent with your
    Cloud Workload Protection
    Do not share the authentication details with unauthorized personnel.
  5. Log on to the instance where you want to install the agent.
To install the Windows agent
  1. Copy and extract the agent installation package on the instance.
    Ensure that the path where you extract the package does not contain any spaces or special characters. It can contain an underscore (_).
  2. Go to the extracted package folder. Open command prompt as an
    and run the
    The script downloads the required agent components and installs them on the instance. The download size is approximately 165 MB.
To install the Linux agent
  1. Log on to the instance as a
    user and perform the following steps:
  2. Copy and unzip the agent installation package on the instance:
  3. Extract the
    tar -xvf
  4. Provide access for the
    script to run:
    chmod 755
  5. Run the
  6. If you had downloaded the Anti-Malware definitions as a separate package in step 3, you must perform the following steps:
    • Extract the file
    • From the extracted folder, copy the folder
      to the following location:
  7. Restart the instance. If you do not restart the instance, the agent installation does not take effect. Check out the
    Agent Status
    column in the
    page of the Cloud Workload Protection console to verify the agent installation on the instance. You can also view the agent status from the
    tab of the instance details page.