Firewall requirements

The agent makes only outbound connections to the
Cloud Workload Protection
server and the necessary services. The communications happen over port 443 and are secured with SSL.
For the agent communications to happen, make sure that the port 443 is enabled on your firewall and the agent can access the following URLs:
URL details
Symantec security cloud console endpoint for the agents to communicate with the Symantec cloud server.
Symantec cloud API gateway for the agents to upload its events to the Symantec cloud server.
Symantec LiveUpdate server for the agents to get the latest malware protection engine components and definitions to keep the protection on the agents up-to-date
Symantec repository location from where the Linux agents can download the kernel module updates. The repository files are in version specific folders located in bucket. Ensure that the firewall rule allows trailing paths for the agent outbound communication. For example, .
Anti-Malware support on Windows
For the SEP agent, the URLs that are allowed are here.
URLs with trailing endpoint names
Few URLs contain the trailing endpoint names. For example:
. Ensure that the trailing paths are also allowed for the agent outbound communication.
AWS S3 IP addresses
To know the list of AWS S3 IP addresses to allow, refer to the aws-ip-ranges.html.