About exporting/importing Symantec EDR configuration settings

Export/import Symantec EDR configuration settings to:
  • Restore an appliance after an unexpected failure
  • Migrate installations (such as data center relocations, setting up test labs, etc.)
  • Restore settings on the appliance after a fresh installation
  • Replicate settings to other appliances, thereby eliminating the need to manually configure each appliance
You can export/import Symantec EDR configuration settings across the following platforms:
From Platform
To Platform
Symantec 8840
  • Symantec 8840
Symantec 8880
  • Symantec 8880
  • S550
  • S550
  • VM
  • S550
When you export configuration settings, a separate .json file is created for each configuration type (for example, Users, Global, Policies).  The .json files are combined in a single .zip file. 
Associated passwords are included in the respective .json file and are encrypted (for example, backup password).  When you generate the configuration export, you are prompted to create a password to encrypt the sensitive data.
The only exception is the SEPM password that you input when configuring a SEPM Controller.  You must manually input this password after you import configuration settings.
When you import the configuration settings .zip file, you can import all of the settings or can select specific ones.
The Audit log shows when the import or export was triggered and when the action was complete.  The System Activity log shows when each configuration file type successfully (or unsuccessfully) completed importing or exporting.
Only Symantec EDR admins can export or import configuration settings.