Viewing generated reports

  1. On the left navigation pane, click
  2. On the
    screen, hover over the report type, and then click
    Reports appear in the console in the order in which they are run, with the most recently-generated report first.
    Generated reports appear in the
    table, which consists of the following information:
    Report Name
    The name of the report.
    Created By
    The user who ran the report on-demand, or created the report schedule.
    Last Run Date/Time
    The date and UTC time on which the report last ran.
    Whether or not (Yes or No) the report was generated from a report schedule. (If No, the report was run on-demand.)
    This field does not appear for Exports Reports.
    The current execution state of the report. These include:
    • Running: 
      The report is currently running.
    • Queue: 
      The report is in the queue to run. This status typically means that multiple reports are scheduled to run at the same time, and that another report is currently running.
    • Failed: 
      The report encountered an error while it was running and cannot complete.
    • Completed with error: 
      The report generated, but it encountered one or more errors. The error(s) are listed in the report, except reports in .csv format. An example of when this error appears is when the number of records being returned exceeds the allowed maximum of 100,000.
    • Completed: 
      The report generated with no errors.
    Other information
    Additional information about the report. For the Incident Details Report, the Incident Number appears.
  3. Hover over the completed report that you want to download, and then click the
    Your browser prompts you to save the file or view it.  Reports are generated in PDF format, so you must have a PDF viewer program to view it.