Viewing the status of actions taken on entities in the Actions log

You can view the status of the asynchronous actions that are taken on entities managed by a
Symantec EDR
appliance. These entries include the actions that are taken through the
Symantec EDR
console or the API. If you take the same action on multiple entities, an action record appears for each individual action.
For example, assume that the same file is on Endpoint A, Endpoint B, and Endpoint C. You can delete the file from all three endpoints from the File details page with a single click. Three separate entries appear in the log: one entry showing the status of deleting the file from Endpoint A, one for Endpoint B, and a third for Endpoint C.
You can also log into
and see the status of the commands that were issued from
Symantec EDR
on the
  1. On the left navigation pane, click
    The Actions log appears by default.