Reinstalling a virtual appliance

To reinstall a
Symantec Endpoint Detection and Response
virtual appliance, delete the old appliance and deploy the OVA file again.
Reinstalling a virtual appliance from an ISO image is not supported.
  1. In the VMware vSphere
    client, deploy the OVA.
  2. Open a console window and bootstrap the appliance.
    If you are replacing a management platform, type the same IP address and communications channel password you used during bootstrap. If you change the management port IP address or communications channel password on a management platform, you must run bootstrap again on each scanner to update this information.
  3. If the reinstalled device is an all-in-one appliance or management platform, run the setup wizard.
    If the reinstalled device is a network scanner, wait for the scanner to appear on the
    page in the
    EDR appliance console
  4. Complete setup tasks as you would for a new appliance.
  5. If you replaced a network scanner, run the
    command to restore the incident data from the last backup.