About adding users and devices - all the options

There are several ways to add users and devices to the
Endpoint Protection Mobile
environment. The method you choose depends the type of deployment you want to achieve and on your user-base.
First, take a moment to learn about the difference between managed and unmanaged devices in relation to
Endpoint Protection Mobile
SEP Mobile
Adding devices when there is an MDM/EMM/UEM integration
If you have set an integration with your MDM/EMM/UEM, the devices are added automatically once the integration sync is complete and the app is pushed to the managed devices. You can also enable / disable self-enrollment for unmanaged devices.
Pushing the app through the MDM/EMM/UEM doesn't mean that the user has SEP Mobile active on their device. The end-users still have to open the app on their mobile and complete the activation wizard. You can check the installation health status and notify inactive users to complete activation. The Installation Health tab in the management console
Adding devices when there is no MDM/EMM/UEM integration
If you don't have an MDM/EMM/UEM integration set, then there are two options to add devices to the
Endpoint Protection Mobile
Option 1: Adding device manually. Adding users and devices manually
Option 2: Enable Self-Enroll Domain by adding the relevant domains. Adding self-enroll domains