Setting up automatic alerts for administrators

Define the rules according to which administrators should receive automatic alerts.
  1. Go to
    Admin Notifications
  2. Look under
    Administrators Alerts
  3. Select the condition and set its severity, the notification type, the notification frequency, and the recipients.
  4. Optional
    : Hover over a rule and click the
    to add or remove rules.
  5. Click
    Apply Changes
    for the configurations to take effect.
If the
App details
setting is disabled under
Settings > General > Privacy Controls > Personal Data
, all the app details are hidden in the malware detected and unwanted app detected notifications.
A list of the available administrators-alerts conditions and their possible configuration
Notification type
Notification frequency
any security incident is detected
  • of low severity
  • of low or medium severity
  • of medium severity
  • of medium or high severity
  • of high severity
  • of any severity
  • Default email template
  • Push notification
  • Foreground alert (Android only)
  • Right away (real-time)
  • Daily summary (periodic reports)
  • Monthly summery (periodic reports)
  • Weekly summary (periodic reports)
  • Once applicable for more than 24 hours (escalation)
a compromised device is detected
a malware is detected
an unwanted app is detected
a vulnerable app is detected
a network connection threat is detected
a network content threat is detected
an indicator of compromise is detected
a configuration vulnerability is detected
a new OS version is available
a device becomes noncompliant
a device becomes unhealthy
the environment expires
the MDM integration not working properly
the periodic state of the mobile security report becomes available
the periodic recommended actions report becomes available
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