Setting up automatic alerts for end-users

Define the rules/conditions according to which end-users should receive automatic alerts and notifications.
  1. Go to
    End user Notification
  2. Look under
    End users Alerts & Push Notifications
  3. Select a condition and set its severity, the notification type, and the notification frequency.
    For each condition you can also add behaviors that will occur when the selected condition is met.
  4. Optional
    : Check the
    Apply to all devices already matching this condition
  5. Optional
    : Hover over a rule and click the
    to add or remove rules.
  6. Click
    Apply Changes
    for the configurations to take effect.
A list of the available end-users-alerts conditions and their possible configuration
Notification type
Notification frequency
any security incident is detected
  • of low severity
  • of low or medium severity
  • of medium severity
  • of medium or high severity
  • of high severity
  • of any severity
  • Default email template
  • Push notification
  • Foreground alert (Android only)
  • Once
  • Every day until resolved
  • Every 3 days until resolved
  • Every week until resolved
a malware is detected
an unwanted app is detected
a vulnerable app is detected
a harmful PC file is detected
a network connection threat is detected
a network content threat is detected
an indicator of compromise is detected
a configuration vulnerability is detected
a new OS version is available
a device becomes noncompliant
the communication of apps is blocked
the access to corporate Wi-Fi is blocked
the access to unwanted network content is blocked
a device becomes unhealthy
protection is not set up properly
SEP Mobile app is inactive
While configuring the
SEP Mobile app is inactive
end-user notification, the condition/rule works with the
Offline period
that is configured in the Mobile Security Compliance Policy. Make sure that the number of days for which the SEP Mobile app is inactive is less than the offline period. It helps you to timely warn end users about the inactive SEP Mobile app before the acceptable offline period ends and avoid their devices become unhealthy.